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Mining Route Tour - Mano del Desierto - Astronomy 

1.- We will start our tour starting from your accommodation place 

2.- We will pass through the Ruins of Huanchaca, which are the ruins of an old Silver smelter. 

3. - In front of the Ruins is the Casino of Games of Antofagasta in which its structure is a mirror the ruins with its history of construction. 

4.- We will continue along the mining route until we pass through the industrial district of the city to which it mainly moves in the mining environment. Rotary kilns and foundries can be observed. 

5.- On the road to La Mano that is properly highway 5 South, you will be able to appreciate the desert, the most arid in the world. For many years, Salitre has been worked and copper, iron and other minerals are being worked on today. 

6 .- Before reaching the hand we can see the structure and its immensity next to a person and small in front of the desert. We will have a monolith and a field of names written in the desert. 

7.- We will arrive at the monument of the hand of the desert located 75 Kilometers away from the city of Antofagasta, being at 1,100 meters above sea level. Monument made by Mario Irarrazabal what he wanted to do is a structure that anyone gives its meaning as the city saying goodbye to the tourist other that represents the victims of injustice, for our opinion it is the hand of the pampino who lived and fought in the desert to get out of go forward with the effort and rigor of climate change day and night 

8.- We will move to our astronomical observation point where we will be able to know a bit more about the Greek worldview. Finally we will be able to see by our Telescope the lunar craters and some planets according to the date, being able to see some stars.


We request punctuality 

Bring warm clothes for the changes in the desert. 

When booking you will have our communication for a better payment coordination, retirement and you would implement to occupy in the tours 

All our tours are adapted according to weather conditions. 

The reservation is made one day in advance and the difference must be paid at the time of the tour. 


Scheduled dates: 

All scheduled days, Saturdays and Sundays departing at 7:00 pm from your Accommodation Daily tour: check availability 


Set of photographs. 


Chilean Peso 40,000 / American Dollar 68 (reference value according to the exchange rate (590)) 

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