City Tour:Historic neighborhood



1.- We will start our tour departing from Apart Hotel Bahia Caracoles down Eleuterio Ramírez Street, this street is named after the famous soldier Eleuterio Ramirez which was nicknamed the Lion of Tarapacá, we will know a little about this hero and his exploits. 

2.- We will arrive to Iquique Avenue, where we can appreciate the railway line Antofagasta to Bolivia, we will know history of what it transports.

3.- We will pass through the main streets of our center such as José de San Martin, Simón Bolívar, Antonio José de Sucre until we reach the well-known Plaza Colón. How it was founded, the main landmarks that marked its history and the monuments that are currently in it, such as the Kiosk of Retreta, the Big-ben Clock Tower, the Monument to Spain and others.

4.- We will continue our way following Sucre street to the Andronico Abaroa promenade, where we will delight ourselves with the beautiful ceramic mosaic murals and the paintings that lead us to live in the Antofagasta of the XX century. 

5.- Continuing along this road, we will find the former Customs building and the current Regional Museum of Antofagasta. We will know what caused this radical change in its history and how it is managed today. 

6.- Going into the history and foundation of Antofagasta, we will arrive at what is known as the Historic Quarter, the first buildings that were erected, how they look today and why they were declared national historical monuments. We will also know the monument to the first non-indigenous inhabitant Juan Lopez. 

7.- Being in the coastal area and enjoying the warm sea breeze, we will be able to appreciate next to us the historic and renewed Salitrero Dock Melbourne Clark, the first loading dock of nitrate transport of the city. 

8.- Finally, and to end our tour, we will taste with the delights that our Fishing Terminal offers us.


2 and a half hours counting trips

    *  Safe and comfortable walking transfer 

    *  Specialized tourist guide 

    *  Snack (sandwich, cookies and hot drinks) 


  • It should arrive punctually at the time of citation to the meeting point
  •  Appropriate attire must be worn to withstand the temperatures of the city.
  •  Once the reservation is made, the tourist will receive direct dress suggestions from the tour
  •  coordinator It is suggested to bring water in a personal bottle
  •  It is suggested not to carry objects of high pecuniary value, the company is not responsible for the loss of objects during the development of the tour 
  • Tour subject to climatic conditions for its realization 
  • Once the reservation is made, the attendance must be confirmed by canceling the remaining percentage 24 hours before the tour. 


  • Scheduled dates: Thursday to Sunday
  • Daily tour: check availability


CLP 10.000 / USD 17 (referential value according to the exchange rate) 

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