City Tour y La Portada.

City Tour y La Portada

1.- We will start our tour starting from the parking lot of the fishing terminal. 

2.- We will arrive to the Plaza Colon passing through a monument to Juan Lopez crossing the surroundings of the square and appreciating the Antofagasta Railway to Bolivia, we will know history of what it transports. 

3.- We will pass through our center like José de San Martin, Simón Bolívar, Antonio José de Sucre until we get to the well-known Plaza Colón. How it was founded, the main landmarks that marked its history and the monuments that are currently in it, such as the Kiosk of Retreta, the Big-Ben Clock Tower and its construction, the Monument to Spain and others. 

4.- We will continue along the coast passing through the consistorial building and the facade of the CCU. 

5.- Continuing along this road, we will find several walks as parks by the sea, delivering the history and name of them. 

6. - Entering the road to the north we will arrive where there are two sports club Body Boar (Budeo, Nilda Point) which are doing social action as well as taking care of our coast with the best they know how to do is surfing. 

7.- Enjoying the trip you will know the current third beach that is Trocadero and its monuments in its environment. 

8.- We will be able to see the aguadas where they are located and what they served as they are freshwater. 

9.- We will approach by the beach the Chimba where the first inhabitant arrived, Juan Lopez. 

10.- Finally we will arrive at the Monument la Portada and its view with the natural history museum that Conaf takes care of. In this place you can take some amazing photos where you can see the meeting where the desert ends and the sea begins.


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