City Tour & La Portada.

City Tour & La Portada

>  Our Tour begins at Melbourne and Clark Pier.

>  We continue with the Plaza Colon and the story of its monuments.

>  We will see the murals on the buildings .

> On the road to "La Portada" we will pass through beaches, walks and activities that can be done near to the coast.

> We will pass by the coast where the first inhabitant of Antofagasta arrived.

> We will arrive to our Natural Monument and their cliffs.

> On their esplanade, we can contemplate with its pictures or photos from the viewpoint. 

> We can visit the viewpoint museum of biodiversity of CONAF according to their opening schedule

> The return is at Melbourne and Clark Pier 


    We request punctuality.

    When you book for the tour, we will get in touch with you to discuss the payment method by cash or bank deposit.

    All our tours are adapted according to weather conditions.

    The reservation is made one day in advance and the difference must be paid at the time of the tour.


    Scheduled dates: All scheduled days, Saturdays and Sundays departing at 11:00 am from your Accommodation 

    Daily tour: check availability



    $20.000 CLP / $30 USD (reference value according to the exchange rate (590)) 

             Extra Service:

            Bilingual Guide (Spanish-English) USD $30

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