Hand of the Desert

Ruta de la minería, Mano del desierto 

1.- We will start our tour from your accommodation place. ]
2.- First stop at Ruinas de Huanchaca.
3.- We will continue along the mining route until we pass through the industrial district La Negra.
4.- Then we'll be heading to La Mano del Desierto.
5.- South, you will be able to appreciate the most arid desert in the world.
6.- We will arrive at the monument of La Mano del Desierto located 75 Kilometers south of the city of Antofagasta, being at 1,100 meters above sea level.
7.- We can appreciate this monument and relaxin the desert, where you can have a snack to eat. Come to contemplate a beautiful desert landscape which you will never forget.


We request punctuality. 

Take warm clothes because of the climatic changes in the desert. 

When you book we are going to get in contact with you for a better payment coordination, 

All our tours are adapted according to weather conditions. 

The reservation is made one day in advance and the difference must be paid at the time of the tour. 


Scheduled dates: All scheduled days, Saturdays and Sundays departing at 3:00 pm from your accommodation. 

Daily tour: check availability. 

Snack, Set of photographs. 


$35,000 CLP / $54 USD (reference value according to the exchange rate: 680) 

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