Bahía Caracoles

BahíaCaracoles has its beginnings in 2008 as a family business, providing accommodation services as an Apart Hotel in the Historic Quarter of the city of Antofagasta.

In mid 2015, he changed his administration and expanded the borders, starting to work as a Hosting Operator.

Today, We Are Apart Hotel & Tour Operator in the city of Antofagasta, Chile. We deliver integral services of Astronomical Tours, Miners, City Tour, Nautical Tour, Lodging, Wi-fi in all our facilities even in our tour. As an agency we can deliver a wide service within the region to private guests, delegations, workers and others. Our food service is external working as a team with several companies that belong to the Chamber of Tourism of Antofagasta just like us.

We are registered in SERNATUR (National Tourism Service of Chile)

We have Certification I am, we are within the companies distinguished as Sustainable of the Second Region of Our Country.