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Bahía Tour SpA, offer a quality service, personalization, trained personal reliability offering accommodation, tour packages, transport services, promoting tourism in the city of Antofagasta.


To be recognized as a tourist company in the city of Antofagasta, delivering a quality service to our clients.


Bahía Caracoles Tour is a company that promotes the following values ​​among its collaborators:

Respect with my work team; with my clients, and with my environment.

The professionalism with which we assume our work day by day.

The continuous improvement of our processes, assuming the commitment to offer our clients an excellent service oriented to the management of the total quality, for the satisfaction of their needs.

Honesty and integrity at all times, towards our customers and our suppliers.

The responsibility with the destination, and the sustainable development of our activity,

Quality politics

Our commitment to the total satisfaction of our customers; They are our main concern and always work to fulfill all your expectations.

We rely on high quality standards, under NCH 3067: 2013, always looking for continuous improvement in our processes.

We are generating alliances, agreements and agreements with organizations related to tourism; in order to provide our client with an excellent service. We belong and are founders active member of the Chamber of Tourism of Antofagasta AG with which has led us to a professional effort on the team in the hotel Apart Hotel, Hostel, Residential, Restaurant, Transportation in van, buses, taxis, tour operators and strategic alliances with other culture and craft guilds

Our company is in constant process of continuous improvement, training the collaborators in the working methods of the company.

Prevention policies for the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms.

As BahíaCaracoles Tour we are committed to preventing the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms and the sexual abuse of minors in tourism, for which we have developed the following prevention activities:

You should always request information from clients and accompanying minors about your identity document: passport abroad and the identity card in the country.

The sale of a tourist service is not allowed when there is a suspicion that it may be a case of child sexual abuse. If there is a real suspicion, the seller will have to report this situation immediately to his superior, who must take the decision of the actions to be followed.

If it is a stranger situation between a child or a child (stories such as: delivery of money or gifts from an adult to a minor for no apparent reason, questions about the situation of a child, drunkenness in the company of a minor;

As Bahía Caracoles we carry out training and sensitization of our collaborators on issues of prevention and reporting of child sexual exploitation.

Where to report:

If you suspect or have proof that a child has been sexually abused, you must attend or communicate with:

Comisarías of his commune (carabineros de chile).

Investigative Police (PDI).

Courts of family.

Prosecutor's Office

Legal medical service


149/147: fono familia de carabineros de chile: provides information and guidance on cases of sexual abuse, among other topics.

800 730 800: national service for minors: consultations on child abuse and sexual abuse

"Bahía Caracoles Tours This is an operation against the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms".

Do not be an accomplice. Report if you see something your text here...