Full Day Tour


A full day tour means that we will do it according of what you need, making compatible the diferent tour that we have. You can see the installation of many mines of nitrate that are still occurring  


7 hours and a half addend the travels. place of departure according to the hotel.

The return place would be the same place of the start


  • Move in a secure and comfortable car. 
  • Tour guide specialised in astronomy
  • Snack (sandwich, cookies and hot drink)


  • On the way to see this great sculpture, we will pass through the mining route that will show us the beauty and tranquility of the Atacama desert, we will pass through calcination or smelting furnaces, through the La Negra industrial park, the La Mina mine, Alto. North that we can appreciate from the outside since it is their job.
  • After knowing a little more about this important place and tourist attraction, we will go to the hand of the desert, a work of the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázaval in that place, where he will realize the way in which this sculptor found the desert to communicate with the tourist through. A free expression
  • Then we will go to the ruins of Huanchaca, the pumping room and energy, where we will show you the history of this place, what it was today in the past and the history of its surroundings, such as the Casino of Antofagasta. We also have the possibility to visit the museum that adapted its form to the environment that has minerals, palentological information, astronomical information with the importance at the time of what is shown and for its importance in ours.
  • On the way back, we take you to lunch at a well-known restaurant in the region that agrees.
  • On a road that has a surprising view and curious facts, such as sandy beaches, fresh water springs in the driest desert in the world for cranes that cost a single dollar without a doubt, a road that cannot be missed.
  • We will take a tour and see many buildings that remain to date such as the church, the current notary and the library, murals and others. After learning a little more about the history of this beautiful city, we will visit one of the most visited and fundamental tourist attractions of Antofagasta.
  • We will move to the Plaza del Colon, where we will show you the history of this square, from the copy of the Big-Ben to the massacre of the Plaza Colon and many very interesting facts about this beautiful square.
  • Then we are going to pass by Melbourne and Clark better know as the historic pier of Antofagasta. We will explain the history, the importance it has and because it is on our list of attractions on our tour.
  • This tour begins at the fishing terminal, where a review of the place and the places that will be visited during the tour is carried out to distribute an image death authorization form that allows us to take photographs and then send them to Our client of their experience in our tour

    Scheduled Dates:

    Every day scheduled, Saturdays and Sundays that depart at 11:00 am from your accommodation Daily tour: check availability


    Tourist Guide in Spanish without cost.

    Bilingual translator has an extra cost of $ 20,000 ($ 28 base value of $ 730)