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Valores del tour por persona

                                                     1 a 2 Personas      3 a 5 Personas       6 o mas Personas

City Tours                                     $10.000(US15)        $8.000(US12)          $6.000(US10)

Historico-La Portada                   $20.000(US30)      $16.000(US25)        $12.000(US19)

Mining Route - Desert Hand      $35.000(US54)      $31.000(US48)        $28.000(US43)

Tours Full Day                              $50.000(US77)      $47.000(US72)        $44.000(US68)

Desert Hand-Astroturis              $45.000(US70)     $41.000(US63)        $38.000(US59)

Salpeter Route                            $59.000(US91)       $55.000(US85)      $50.000(US77)

Night Tour                                    $45.000(US70)

The reservation must be made 30 days in advance and you will have a 30% discount on the rack rates. 

Change of dollar $ 650 for each dollar.    check availability 

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Guide visit for each person 

La Portada (The Cover) 

The service is a guide visit to our natural monument "La Portada." 

We will move from your place of residence and we wil pass by the bus station, moving to our monument and we will have a guide visit with our guide with a maximum time of an hour. The transport is a mobile of rural service that will leave us in the bus stop and after 1 hour we will go.  

Everyday of the week (Monday to Friday) from 16:00 aprox.

Includes a photo set

Summer promotion

$ 10.000.- per person